What people have said about Fiona's Workshops and Courses

"Grateful thanks for a wonderful course. It has been a treat to come each week."
M. Luciana West Londodn

"I very much enjoyed the classes. Thank you for your fun and interactive approach to what is a fascinating and practical subject - this week I have indulged in tea making and greatly benefited from taking Vervain and Milk thistle!"
Louisa Durtnell North London

"It was excellent, very enjoyable and easy to follow"
Lola Aitkins 24, Muswell Hill

"Very informative, taught in a friendly relaxed atmosphere"
Marian Dix30 London

" Very interesting, informative, practical and fun. Fiona is a lively teacher, who really had planned everything carefully - excellent handouts and lots of variety in lessons"
Katherine Squire 50, teacher

"Opened my eyes to the wonderful world of plants, empowered me to take part in my own healing"
Colleen Bartly 26, Student

"Fabulous! Been inspired to go wandering around gardens, Neals yard and all sorts! Got my brain working again, which is no bad thing"
Samantha Smith 29, receptionist

"very good information covering identifying herbs, using herbs, recipes etc. Nice informal group, friendly, relaxing, I enjoyed tea tasting and getting in groups to discuss teas etc."
Elaine Douglas 40, teacher

"Relaxed, enjoyable, good pace and amount of information. Loved the tea!
Sally Jacobs, hairdresser, London

"I am inspired and excited about what is growing around me, thank you!"
Vanessa Gilbert 34, reflexologist

"I have really enjoyed this course. Fiona is a very patient teacher, with good explanations. I have learned many new things and shall return for next course, thank you!"
Sue Fox 29, aromatherapist

What children and young people have said about Potions Classes

"Dear Fiona Thank you for coming in to our school to talk about herbs - I learned a lot. Thank you for the peppermint tea, I really liked it and thank you for the Slipper elm lozenges"
Michael Kinley 9 -North West London Jewish School

"Dear Fiona Thank you for teaching us about herbs. It was fun making those Slippery Elem lozenges. My Mum was not well at the time and `I think they helped her sore throat"
Eddy Wax 8 - North West London Jewish School

"Dear Fiona, I had a sore throat when you came to our school to teach us about herbs. The lozenges we made were yummy and they made me better. When I see herbs growing, it reminds me of the lesson I had with you"
Gabriella Steinbock 9 - North West London Jewish School

"I found the course highly informative and could have spent longer learning about it"
Sarah Perry - Year 12 Hastings and St Leonards Education Action Zone

"Interesting! It opened my mind"
Taz - Year 12 Hastings and St Leonards Education Action Zone

"It was extremely interesting and I am going to try some of the herbs out for myself"
Heather Atkinson - Year 12 Hastings and St Leonards Education Action Zone

"There was a good balance between lecture style information and practical work - the latter I was not expecting at all, so it was really informative and engaging the whole way through"
Jade Eeringham - Year 12 Hastings and St Leonards Education Action Zone

"Contrary to my expectations, I learned quite a lot from this course"
Marie Lefranc - Year 12 Hastings and St Leonards Education Action Zone

"I thought the potions Course was fantastic"
Jasmine, aged 12

"The Potions course was really good - I loved making Fizzy Bath bombs best"
Margaret, aged 10

"I made lots of new friends at the Potions club and I had a lot of fun"
Morgan, aged 9

What Parents have said about Potions classes

"Amber has a lot more confidence since doing the Potions club, her new knowledge has really empowered her"
Geraldine, Homeopath, London

"Anna's enthusiasm for nature has increased dramatically, she wants to grow more herbs and use them"
Andrea, Teacher

"Holly has a lot more confidence - what a great peer group for her to interact with! "
Jo Merry

"Margaret has become much more interested in plants now when we are out walking"
Mary Moroney, Herbalist

"Jack has started to perform much better at school since coming to Potions Club - he is generally happier"
Jackie, housewife

"Ellie was being bullied at school - since she has been attending Potions classes, this has stopped - her confidence has increased a lot - thank you!
Jan, dental assistant