“I wanted you to know that from the day after seeing you I felt so energetic and positive, radiant even. Nothing seemed to be a problem. I felt myself again, the act of 'doing', normally accompanied by much adrenaline was strangely calm and easy.

I just felt so relaxed but active. I have mainly kept in this state and have followed through my list of tasks, well that was done within a week and i thought 'what do i do now!'

I still dont understand quite why or how this is so powerful, i try not to bother too much, i just thank you for all your work in being in the place you are in now and therefore in helping me to make this change. I am going to do the Psych K workshop with Mary this week end. Thank you again Shakeela and go well. ”
Love Judy Cole

Blood Pressure, Frozen shoulder, Hiatus hernia

“I have been seeing Fiona now for 18 months. During this time, she has treated me for High blood pressure, hiatus hernia, blepharitis and a bad shoulder. The bad shoulder was dealt with in 2 Craniosacral sessions. The hiatus hernia no longer causes any symptoms and the blood pressure has been steadily coming down, so that I have been able to half the prescription drugs so far. I feel more positive and confident in myself, in fact, I feel like a new person”
James, Backwell, Bristol


Hormone Imbalance and overweight

“When I had my first herbal consultation with Fiona Burns I had been suffering from a hormonal imbalance and associated symptoms for eight years.
I was four stone overweight and had a long term insomnia problem - I was only 42 but felt 62!
I was exhausted and at my wits end because all western medicine could offer me was HRT and anti-depressants to mask the problem.

Right from the start, Fiona put me at my ease with her professional but empathetic manner. I felt as if a burden was lifting as she took a thorough health history from me. Here was somebody at last prepared to listen to all the minutiae that together was making me thoroughly ill and miserable.

She explained very carefully what herbs she was prescribing for the symptoms and more importantly which ones were to heal the root of the problem. Over the period of the next four weeks I improved daily - my anxiety and night sweats decreased and I felt less lethargic.

Blood tests revealed further areas of concern including high cholesterol and slow thyroid, both of which, herbs were able to help.

Most dramatically for me was Fiona's diagnosis of Syndrome X, an insulin resistance problem, the sugar highs and lows of which were adding to my PMT. Special diet advice and food supplement suggestions and ongoing encouragement and support from Fiona and her herbs have resulted in me losing 4 stone in seven months and her advice has set me up with the knowledge of how to keep myself healthy in the future.

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be in such good place now if it weren't for Fiona. I have regained balance in my body systems and can feel myself healing as on-going process. I cannot recommend her as a Herbal and Craniosacral Practioner highly enough”.
Sarah, Clevedon, Somerset

Joint Pain and Hayfever

“ I went to see Fiona when I was getting all kinds of pains in my hips and shoulders – so many, I cannot really remember now. I’m only reminded when I get the odd twinge and realise how lovely it is not to be in constant pain.

Bizarrely, I also haven’t had hay fever this year, which is the first time ever and `I feel stronger and fitter and much happier.

I really haven’t got a clue what Fiona does, although she tries to explain it to me. All I can say is seeing her always makes me laugh, always surprises me and always makes me feel like i've done my body some long term good. Thanks very much Fiona”
Louise, researcher for BBC, Bristol


Stress, HRT withdrawal

“I have consulted Fiona Burns for almost 3 years both for herbal remedies and Craniosacral therapy. I have found the Craniosacral therapy very helpful in times of stress and the herbal remedies have been invaluable.

Two years ago, I wanted to stop taking HRT and mentioned it to Fiona. She was able to give me a mixture of tinctures and dietary advice which helped me decrease my HRT medication to zero and thereafter not suffer bad ‘withdrawral’ stymptoms such as hot flushes and other problems which had led to me originally being prescribed HRT. After 2 years, I occasionally get a mild hot flush and I feel better than I did when I was on the HRT.
I am very grateful to Fiona for her expert help and advice”.

Frances, retired, London


“I have an arthritic right knee. After my first Craniosacral session with Fiona, I left the room and walked comfortably and swiftly to the top of the stairs in the clinic. This was the first time I had walked up a flight of stairs without pain in years. It was not until I got to the top of the stairs that I realised what I had done!

I then walked back down, retracing my footsteps and did it once more, just to make sure it was true – it was! I do still get occaisionall twinges in that knee – but it is so much better”.
Pat, retired lab consultant, Bristol


“Fiona helped me immensely with my Colitis. Fiona has been treating me with herbs for a few years now and has put her heart and soul in to helping me to regain a healthy digestive system. Thankyou so much Fiona! ”
Scott, Teacher, London

Jaw tension

“After a particularly bad episode of tooth grinding which resulted in severe headaches, I visited Fiona for a session of Craniosacral therapy. She was able to alleviate the tension and relieve the pain in just one session and the effect has been permanent. Her help has been immeasurable.”
Jane, receptionist, Bristol


“After a few Craniosacral therapy sessions, my heartburn, which I had suffered with for years vanished. I also felt more in touch with my body and in tune with the world around me.”
Matt, publisher, Bristol


“Many thanks for your last medicine. I have had such a more comfortable winter than usual, thanks to you. I will be in touch when the hayfever kicks in, no doubt!”
N Warner, PA, London