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Herbal Medicine
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Harnessing the Healing Power of Nature

NatureWorx is the Practice of 
Natural Health Consultant Fiona Shakeela Burns MNIMH 

Fiona is a fully-qualified Medical Herbalist, PSYCH-K™ and EFT facilitator and Craniosacral therapist.

Here you will find information about Fiona, Herbal Medicine, PSYCH-K™, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and Potions Classes for children.
There is a Members area that you can join in order to gain access to ‘Health tools’ and a growing number of useful resources
to support treatment, education and general interest in health and well-being.

Fiona is fully insured and practices according to strict codes of ethics set by The National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH).
Please note that this website has been appropriately edited in order to be fully compliant with ‘The Cancer Act 1939’


Whether you have a specific health concern, or just a feeling of being under the weather, herbs can help you. Herbs provide medicine in a form that can be easily absorbed and utilised by the body, without causing side effects. They are used to restore balance and homeostasis and once they have done their job, can be discontinued.

Fiona grows and processes many of her own medicines and purchases only the freshest, highest quality, organic herbs from suppliers she trusts.

Herbs help to correct the physiology by supporting specific organs and bodily systems.

Herbal medicine can help with: Allergies, Anxiety, Cystitis, PMT and other hormone imbalances, Menopause, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Stress, Headaches (including Migraine), Bronchitis, High blood pressure, Asthma, Thyroid problems, Heartburn, Fluid retention, and more…

Our life is a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs – usually subconscious – are the cumulative effect of life-long ‘programming’. Often we can find ourselves repeating self-defeating patterns. PSYCH-K™ provides a user-friendly way to rewrite the ‘software’ of our mind by changing beliefs, that sabotage us into beliefs that support us quickly, easily and effectively.

“When we rewrite the software of our mind, we change the printout of our life” Rob Williams (creator of PSYCH-K).

PSYCH-K™  increases the connection between the two brain hemispheres, supporting a whole-brain state by utilising kinesiology, also known as ‘muscle-testing’ in order to  change subconscious limiting beliefs.

PSYCH-K™ combines various ‘balances’ which provide the tools for lasting change by over-writing self-limiting beliefs with beliefs that support you to have a life that you love.

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT (also known as ‘Tapping”, is a profoundly useful tool for supporting the subconscious mind. It uses the meridians to release blocked emotion and is a profound technique for clearing traumas. Traditional EFT is excellent for reversing phobias, addictions, managing all kinds of emotional states, including anger, anxiety, sadness and grief as well as supporting the healing of diseases – including serious illness.

Matrix Reimprinting created by EFT Master Karl Dawson, takes EFT to a new level by supporting you to re-write memories and bring deep and lasting resolution to difficult and painful memories. 

Matrix Reimprinting draws on the understanding gained from the sciences of Quantum physics, Epigenetics,  HeartMath, Meta-medicine, Morphic Fields and NLP.



5stars“I wanted you to know that from the day after seeing you I felt so energetic and positive, radiant even. Nothing seemed to be a problem. I felt myself again, the act of ‘doing’, normally accompanied by much adrenaline was strangely calm and easy.

I just felt so relaxed but active. I have mainly kept in this state and have followed through my list of tasks, well that was done within a week and i thought ‘what do i do now!”…


5stars“ I went to see Fiona when I was getting all kinds of pains in my hips and shoulders – so many, I cannot really remember now. I’m only reminded when I get the odd twinge and realise how lovely it is not to be in constant pain.

Bizarrely, I also haven’t had hay fever this year, which is the first time ever and `I feel stronger and fitter and much happier.”…


5stars“Right from the start, Fiona put me at my ease with her professional but empathetic manner. I felt as if a burden was lifting as she took a thorough health history from me. 

Here was somebody at last prepared to listen to all the minutiae that together was making me thoroughly ill and miserable.”…