Potions classes for 8-12’s offer an opportunity for children to learn about how their bodies work and about how to prevent and treat minor ailments using herbs. These classes are available as one offs as well as in courses of weekly classes. The weekly classes run after school - this is Potions club

These classes are available for primary schools as well.

Magic Fairy Potions for under 5’s 

Schools Fiona is available to come and talk to schools about Herbal Medicine.

Potions Classes

Schools. Private parties. Youth groups . After schools clubs. Workshops.

Why Potions Classes?

There are two main aims for Potions Classes – These are:

  • To empower children around their health.
  • To encourage children’s awareness and understanding of their natural environment.

What Happens in a Potions Class?

kids_ws1Usually one main herbal remedy is made to be taken home (see list) and one herbal tea to be prepared, drunk, experienced and discussed as a class. The raw materials and what ever herbs are being used will be taught about, examined, discussed and sometimes drawn. Where appropriate, wild herbs will be used from the immediate local environment – picked by the children.

Basic anatomy and physiology of the system to which the potion relates is taught; eg. a cough syrup will include some information about the respiratory system. Working in groups, the children will make their potion, package and label it. Classes range from 1-2 hours depending on requirements.

Potions Cub

kids_ws2This runs in blocks of 5 classes as a course after school. For the 8-12’s, there is a maximum number of 10 in each Potions club.

These courses allow for building on previous learning and opportunity to make “potions” which can take a few weeks, such as tinctures and infused oils. Each week, every child takes home one main “potion” , which they have made and labelled themselves. For example: Nit repellant spray, Elderberry cough syrup, Calendula ointment, Fizzy bath bombs etc. As well as learning about individual herbs, children will be taught some basic anatomy and physiology, learn how to identify common herbs such as Mugwort, Ribwort and Dandelion.

There are quizzes and games and each child gets a folder in which to collect their handouts which they get each week.
They are taught how to organise their files so that at the end of the course, they take away a useful reference book all about herbs and health which they have put together themselves.

All children also get a certificate to say that they have completed a Potions club course.

Read about The Potions Club Published  in The Sunday Times

Magic Fairy Potions

fairy1Specially for the under 5’s. Classes last 45 to 90 minutes. Have a class at your home for your child’s birthday, or bring them along to the regular class in Wesbury-on-Trym. Bring your tot in fairy attire and get ready for some serious potion mixing!

From wand making to wing making to magic fairy pouches, blending creams or making cough syrup…
each week, help your little one make something magical and /or healing to take home.

Spending time outside as well as in, they will learn about some common herbs which grow all around us – like Dandelion, Lemon balm, Lavender and Elder. They will get to make a tea from wild growing herbs – what better way to enjoy your child as they connect with nature?

Potions Parties 

party1If you would like to have a private Potions party at your house, to celebrate a child,s birthday, or just as a special treat, Fiona will come and make some “potions” with a group of up to 10 children.

Classes last 2 hours You need to have a large preferably some outside space in which it is possible to find some herbs growing - which the children will make a tea out of.

Choose 2 potions from the potions price list at least 2 weeks prior to the party – it is a good idea to discuss with your ideas with Fiona, as she will be able to advise about suitability, seasonal availability, etc.

There are 2 levels of pricing – up to 7 is £120 plus cost of materials and up to 10 £140 plus cost of materials


schools2Fiona is available to come in to schools. Fiona woks with Primary and Secondary schools. 

Primary Schools

If your school is doing a project and you would like to have a Potions Class as part of it, Fiona is available to come and teach one or a series of classes.

For the under 5s, Fairy Potions workshops are available.

Secondary Schools

Fiona is available to come and talk to schools about Herbal Medicine.
The majority of Medical Herbalists are women, and as it is a science degree, it can offer incentive to girls who are considering science subjects for GCSEs and Alevels.

It is also possible to address specific ailments which teenagers are concerned about – Eg. skin problems, exam stress, obesity

See price list for schools and choose from the potions price list one or two potions which you would like your class to make.

Classes vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Potions classes for schools and youth groups - Prices 

Cost for up to ten students
£120 for a two hour session plus cost of materials.

Cost for up to twenty students
£140 for a two hour session plus cost of materials.

Cost for full day, up to 20 students
£300 plus cost of materials.

One hour sessions are also available and are charged at half the rate of the two hour sessions.
Materials are charged per child - 10% discount on materials for groups larger than 15.

Please come back to me to discuss suitability, availability and appropriateness of "potions" which may vary according to age group and seasonal availability of herbs.

Potions Price List

· Fizzy bath bombs - £4.00
· Lavender shower gel - £4.00
· Herb bath sachets - £1.50
· Lip balm (Hemp & Mint, Calendula & Orange) - £3.50
· Calendula ointment - £2.50
· Comfrey ointment £2.50
· Calendula cream - £3.00
· Comfrey Cream - £3.00
· Healing Cream (Comfrey, Calendula and St Johns wort) - £3.50
· Orange & Frankincense hand cream - £5.00
· Perfume body spray - £4.50
· Nit repellant spray - £4.00
· Cold & flu tea bags - £1.50
· Tummy ache tea bags - £1.50
· Slippery elm lozenges - £2.50
· Calendula oil - £2.00
· Comfrey oil - £2.00
· St John's wort oil - £1.50
· Mullien ear oil - £1.50

· Elecampane cough syrup - £2.50
· Licorice & Thyme cough syrup - £2.50
· Onion syrup - £2.50
· Elderberry syrup - £2.50
· Elderberry Immune tonic - £2.00.
· Comfrey poultices - £1.50
· Honey & Orange body scrub - £2.50
· Comfrey wash - £1.50
· Lavender & Lemon mouthwash - £2.50
· Clay cleansing mask - £2.50
· Elderflower Champagne (non-alcoholic) - £2.50
· Avocado Moisturizer - £3.50
· Dandelion Tincture - £4.00

All ingredients are fresh, high quality and organically sourced as far as possible.
Price is per child per potion - for groups larger than fifteen, there is a 10% reduction per potion. Please also note that if herbs are provided (eg. grown / harvested on site) that the cost will be reduced.

What children and young people have said about Potions Classes

“Dear Fiona
Thank you for coming in to our school to talk about herbs – I learned a lot. Thank you for the peppermint tea, I really liked it and thank you for the Slippery Elm lozenges”
Michael, London

“ Dear Fiona
Thank you for teaching us about herbs. It was fun making those Slippery Elm lozenges. My Mum was not well at the time and `I think they helped her sore throat”
Eddy , London

“ Dear Fiona, I had a sore throat when you came to our school to teach us about herbs. The lozenges we made were yummy and they made me better. When I see herbs growing, it reminds me of the lesson I had with you”
Gabriella, London

“ I found the course highly informative and could have spent longer learning about it”
Sarah, London

“ Interesting! It opened my mind”
Taz, London

“It was extremely interesting and I am going to try some of the herbs out for myself”
Heather, London

“ There was a good balance between lecture style information and practical work – the latter I was not expecting atall, so it was really informative and engaging the whole way through”
Jade Eeringham, London

“ Contrary to my expectations, I learned quite a lot from this course”
Marie, London

“ I thought the potions Course was fantasic”
Jasmine, aged12

“ The Potions course was really good – I loved making Fizzy Bath bombs best”
Margaret, aged 10

“ I made lots of new friends at the Potions club and I had a lot of fun”
Morgan, aged 9

What parents and teachers have said about Potions Classes

“ Amber has a lot more confidence since doing the Potions club, her new knowledge has really empowered her”
Geraldine, Homeopath, London

“ Anna’s enthusiasm for nature has increased dramatically, she wants to grow more herbs and use them”
Andrea, Teacher

“ Holly has a lot more confidence – what a great peer group for her to interact with! “
Jo Merry

“ Margaret has become much more interested in plants now when we are out walking”
Mary Moroney, Herbalist

“ Jack has started to perform much better at school since coming to Potions Club – he is generally happier”
Jackie, housewife

“ Ellie was being bullied at school – since she has been attending Potions classes, this has stopped – her confidence has increased a lot – thank you!
Jan, dental assistant